Meet Belvedere Funeral Home's newest team member, Odie!

Belvedere's owner, Faye Doucette has been wanting a "Comfort Dog" for a long time to comfort the grieving family members served by her and her staff. This dream came true when Erin Mullen of the PEI Humane Society called saying she thought they had the perfect comfort dog for Belvedere. On February 6, 2015 the four year old Sheltie/Golden Retriever was adopted by Belvedere Funeral Home.

Odie has been well received by family members as well as by those coming to visitations. Odie seems to know when he is needed and quietly appears. He is not allowed in the chapel but as the need arose one day during a service he quietly slipped in to comfort the one in need of comforting.

The first question is often: "Where is Odie?" or "We heard you have a dog here, where is he?"

He is loved by and well cared for by all team members - a real joy to all of us - we consider ourselves most fortunate to have Odie at Belvedere!!

Celebrating Odie